João Chagas Garden

Porto Attraction

The João Chagas Garden (Portuguese: Jardim de João Chagas/Jardim da Cordoaria) is located in the Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, Porto, Portugal.

The garden is close to the Clérigos Tower, the Portuguese Photography Center and the General Hospital of Santo António.


The garden was founded by the Viscount of Vilar d’Allen in 1865. The initial project is the work of the German landscape artist Émile David.

In 1941, a cyclone altered much of the appearance of this romantic garden.

Following the urban remodeling works of the European Capital of Culture 2001, the garden was the target of a coordinated intervention by the architect Camilo Cortesão. This work was very contested by some Porto’s personalities and associations because it implied a great modification of the space in question.


Source: Wikipedia


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